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The Benefits Glucosamine Supplements to Treat Arthritis Pain

A popular method to joint pain is through medication, often combined with life style change and/or physical therapy to prevent as much stress as possible from being inflicted on the joints. However, medication for this use cannot only get expensive, but it also can become addicting if used for long-term relief. If you’re a chronic pain sufferer, living with the pain can become unbearable. In recent years, physicians began prescribing all-natural glucosamine supplements for patients who could not tolerate medication for various reasons. The benefits of glucosamine, along with its effectiveness and lesser cost, make it an efficient method to treat arthritis pain.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is an amino sugar that’s naturally produced by the body as a major component involved in the production of cartilage, or the cushion between the bones in our joints. Glucosamine is responsible for the production of synovial fluid, a major component in the cellular structure of cartilage. As the body ages, it produces less glucosamine than is required for optimum levels for strong cartilage. This decrease in glucosamine allows for the growth of bone spurs and other joint deformities as the cartilage weakens and cannot repair itself.

What is a Glucosamine Supplement?

Many glucosamine supplements contain not only glucosamine, but also additional vitamins and minerals to supplement what the body is no longer producing on its own. Additionally, joint-pain-fighting sulfates (chondroitin) and glucosamine HCL are often included in the ingredient list for optimum absorption by the body. The glucosamine supplement is then made into a pill, powder or liquid form for both human and animal consumption (glucosamine supplements for animals are specifically formulated for animal use). The liquid form offers the highest absorption rate, at around 80-85%.

What are the Benefits of Glucosamine Supplements?

Not only are glucosamine supplements all-natural alternatives to medication, but they’re also available without a prescription, and generally cost far less than many of the major joint pain medications. Additionally, glucosamine supplements do not cause any adverse side effects if taken in the proper dosage, unlike some medication, which can cause certain reactions in various people who take it. Furthermore, one of the major benefits of glucosamine supplements for arthritis stricken users is its ability to be taken for long-term pain relief. All-natural supplements do not cause addiction, nor do they interact with other supplements or medications being taken at the same time.

Are Glucosamine Supplements Right For Me?

The decision to choose a supplement verses medication to treat arthritis pain is based on several factors. The severity of the damage due to joint wear and tear may be bad enough to the point that surgery and/or medicinal assistance may be required until glucosamine supplements can be used to replace medication. Also, if a patient does not have medical health insurance, they can still find relief from their joint pain in over-the-counter supplements. The benefits of glucosamine over medications should definitely be considered when the stage of arthritis is not yet advanced.

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